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Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) Price in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) Price in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator is a feature-rich refrigerator that combines ample storage capacity, energy efficiency, and convenient water dispensing functionality. It comes with a spacious 540-liter capacity. Additionally, this refrigerator provides plenty of room for storing a wide variety of food and beverages. It is designed with a sleek black exterior, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen decor. Moreover, this refrigerator features a Twin Inverter compressor that ensures efficient cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption. This helps to reduce electricity costs and justifies the price in Nigeria. Besides, it is environmentally friendly. Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) is available in black color.

Furthermore, the refrigerator also comes with a convenient water dispenser, allowing you to access chilled water without the need to open the door. This feature offers convenience and helps to keep the refrigerator organized.  In terms of organization and storage options, the Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator provides adjustable shelves, door racks, and drawers. These features enable flexible storage arrangements to accommodate various food items, including fruits, vegetables, beverages, and more.

Moreover, the refrigerator incorporates an antibacterial system, which helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and keeps the interior hygienic. This feature ensures that your stored food remains fresh and free from contamination. Haier Thermocool Side-by-side refrigerator gives you two times longer freshness with the DEO sterilization technology and the multi-airflow ensuring precise cooling. Energy efficiency is another highlight of this model, with an A+ energy efficiency rating. The Special Twin inverter technology gives it low noise and helps you save 35% on your electricity bills This means that the refrigerator is designed to consume less energy, which is not only beneficial for your utility bills but also contributes to a greener environment.


Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) Key Features

  • Twin Inverter Technology
  • Deo Sterilization
  • Precise Multi-Airflow
  • Big Capacity
  • Easy Access
  • Energy Savings
  • Triple cooling system
  • ABT (Anti Bacteria Technology)
  • Multi Airflow
  • Dry & Wet storage
  • Super large space (open door)
  • Super Cool and Super Freeze


Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) Specifications

  • Model Name: HRF-540WBS
  • Categories: Refrigerators, Side by Side
  • Model: HRF-540WBS
  • Weight (kg): 99
  • Door Colors:                        Black


  • (Material/Color):             Silver


  • Condenser Type:             Internal
  • Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz): 220/50
  • Total Volume Net (L):    495
  • Total Volume Gross (L):                560
  • Stuffing Qty/40’HC:        48
  • Net Weight (Kg):               85
  • Refrigerant:                       R600a
  • Cabinet Colors:                 Black
  • Cabinet Material:            PCM
  • Gasket Color:                    Black
  • Refrigerator Shelf Type: Clear
  • Display:                                LED
  • Product Dimensions With Packing (H×W×D): 1775*908*647
  • 2 Star Room Capacities (L):          16
  • Freezer Room Capacity (L):         151
  • Refrigerator Room Capacity (L): 328
  • Door Shape:       Flat
  • Hinger Cover Color:                        Black
  • Display Color:    Black Background+ White Alphabet
  • Display Material:             Acrylic                  
  • Handle color:                    Gray
  • Handle Material:  ABS Plastic
  • Handle Shape: Recess Handle
  • Freezer Light | LED Light /Incandescent: LED
  • Refrigerator Light | LED/Incandescent/Light Panel: LED
  • Refrigerator Light | Position: Ceiling Of Refrigerator Room
  • Refrigerator Light | Light Switch: Fan-Shaped Switch
  • Refrigerator Light | Light Color: White
  • Refrigerator Shelf Material:       Glass – Extrusion Trimmer
  • Refrigerator Shelf Q’ty:                                                4
  • Refrigerator Bottle Rack | Q’ty:                3
  • Refrigerator Bottle Rack | Type:               Clear
  • Refrigerator Bottle Rack | Material:        PS
  • Freezer Drawer | Material:                         PS+PP
  • Freezer Drawer | Q’ty:                  2
  • Freezer Drawer | Type: Clear Cover With White Drawer
  • Freezer Shelf Material: Glass – Extrusion Trimmer
  • Freezer Shelf Qty:                           4
  • Freezer Rack | Material:               PS
  • Freezer Rack | Q’ty:                        3
  • Freezer Rack | Type:                      Clear
  • Freezer Shelf Type:                        Clear
  • Independent Drawer Charac:      N/A
  • Compressor Model:                       VTH1116Y
  • Freezer Light | Light Color:          White
  • Freezer Light | Light Switch:       Fan-Shaped Switch
  • Freezer Light | Position:               Top Of Freezer Room
  • Refrigerator Drawer | Type:       Clear Cover with White Drawer


Basic Features  
  • Climate Class:   SN.N.ST.T
  • Freezing Capacity (Kg/24h):                        10
  • Energy Consumption (KW*H/24h):         420 Kwh/Year
  • Foaming Components (R141b / R134a / C-P): C-P
  • Defrosting Type (Defrost, No Frost):       Frost Free
  • Mechanical Temperature Control:           Yes

Fridge Compartment     

  • Refrigerator Drawer | Q’ty:         2
  • Refrigerator Drawer | Material:                PS+PP
  • Key Features    
  • Compressor:                                                      Inverter

Packing Dimensions & Loadability            

  • Packing Dimensions(Mm)(H*W*D):      1880*980*716


  • Ice Maker: Movable Ice Cube Tray


  • Thermostat (Brand, Type): Electronic


  • Water Dispenser:            N/A
  • Door Sheet:                        PPM

Indoor Unit        

  • Noise [DB(A)] (Hi/Mid/Lo/So): 38

Key Performance Index               

  • Current (A):                        1.8
  • Insulation Class:               I
  • Plug:      UK (3 Big Pins)
  • Power (W): 200

Main Function  

  • Approvals (VDE / TÜV / IMQ / NF / ÖVE / DEMKO Etc.): N/A
  • Certifications (CE / ISO 9001/2 / LGA):    CB
  • Controls (Internal or External Or Both): External Finger Touch Control
  • Power Freezing: YES
  • Status:  Available


Price in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) Price in Nigeria is ₦ 598,400

Where to buy Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) in Nigeria

Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS) is available in Jumia Nigeria.


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