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Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker Price in Nigeria

Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker Price in Nigeria

The Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker Price in Nigeria is ₦387,500. Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance. It features four gas burners and one electric burner, providing flexibility in cooking options. The cooker is constructed with a high-grade stainless steel top and panel, ensuring durability and resistance to stains and scratches. Moreover, the sleek Inox body adds a modern touch to your kitchen decor. Additionally, this cooker is of High-Grade S/Steel Top & Panel and Inox Body. Also, it boasts Wide Finger Pot Stand, Oven & Grill, 2 Oven Lights, Oven Timer, and Electric Ignite.


Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker Benefits

Versatile Cooking:

With four gas burners and one electric burner, you have the flexibility to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Also, you are at liberty to choose the most suitable heat source for each. This versatility allows you to experiment with various recipes and cook meals more efficiently.

Durable Construction:

The high-grade stainless steel top and panel ensure durability and resistance to stains and scratches. This means your cooker will maintain its sleek appearance even with regular use. Also, it will stand the test of time.


Wide Finger Pot Stand:

The wide finger pot stand provides stability and support for different sizes of pots and pans. It prevents wobbling during cooking, ensuring even heat distribution and reducing the risk of accidents.

Oven and Grill Functionality:

The inclusion of an oven and grill expands your cooking options. You can bake, roast, and grill a wide variety of dishes. This allows you to explore different cooking techniques and create flavorful meals.

Enhanced Visibility:

The cooker features two oven lights, which illuminate the oven’s interior. This enables you to monitor your food’s progress without opening the oven door. It also helps you to maintain the ideal cooking conditions and prevent heat loss.

Oven Timer:

The oven timer feature allows you to set precise cooking times, ensuring your dishes are cooked to perfection. This feature is especially helpful when preparing recipes with specific cooking durations or when multitasking in the kitchen.

Electric Ignite:

The electric ignite function simplifies the ignition process for the gas burners. You can safely and conveniently ignite the burners without the need for matches or lighters, saving you time and effort


Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker Features

Energy Saving Oven Insulation:

The cooker oven is insulated with superior and high-quality insulation materials. This prevents heat loss from the sides of the oven in order to get food baked quickly. Also, it helps to save time and gas usage. Additionally, this technology also delivers a secondary advantage. It cools Oven’s body and prevents burns when a user or child mistakenly touches the body while in use.

3-Direction Flame Turbo Burner:

Cooking very tough food such as corn, beans, and cow meat can take time compared to other types of food. This cooker comes with 3-Directional Flame Turbo Burners that burn through its three sides, producing powerful flame and superior heat results. Hence, it helps cook very tough meals in a short time.

Flame Guard Technology:

This gas cooker comes with innovative Flame Guard Technology for its top and bottom oven burners. This actively cuts off the gas supply to the oven if the flame unexpectedly goes out while in use. Additionally, this exceptional safety feature surpasses standard regulatory requirements. It prioritizes user safety by automatically detecting and responding to flame disruptions and promptly stopping the gas flow. Also, it reduces the risk of gas leaks and potential accidents.


Double Chicken Rotisserie, Oven Light & >100Ltr Large Ovens:

 This Gas cooker comes with Double Chicken Rotisserie, Two Oven Lights, and 100Ltrs oven capacity. This allows up to four whole Chickens to grill at once and under the best illumination for the perfect 360-degree user visibility.

Double safety Knob:

This cooker features Double Safety Standard knobs. These are designed with engraved indication marks to clearly indicate when the cooker is turned on, particularly when it is unintended. These knobs also incorporate an additional safety measure in the form of a child lock. It requires users to push in and twist the knobs before igniting the burners. This ensures an added layer of safety and prevents accidental ignition, making the cooker more secure to use.


Twelve (12) Months Product Warranty:

Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker comes with a year warranty.

High-Grade Stainless Steel Materials:

This cooker is constructed with high-grade 304 stainless steel; a quality material renowned for its suitability in manufacturing home appliances. This choice of material ensures that the cooker can endure rigorous usage and remain highly resistant to corrosion. This is even when exposed to high levels of heat.


Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker Specifications

  • Net Weight (Kg): 68       
  • Gross Weight (Kg): 70   
  • Lid:  GLASS TOP LID, Tempered Glass     
  • Control Panel: STAINLESS STEEL; 304 Grade       
  • Width (Mm): 900            
  • Depth (Mm): 600            
  • Height (Mm): 850           
  • Gas Supply: LPG, Electric Supply:             
Cooktop Controls
  • Knobs: Zebra KNOBS
  • Mechanical: MANUEL CONTROL              
Gas Cooktop Configuration
  • No. of Burner Cooking Zones: 4 GAS, 1 HOTPLATE           
  • Ignition For Top Burners: Yes    
  • Flame Failure Safety Device: Yes             
  • Front (Left) Zone: MEDIUM BURNER     
  • Front (Right) Zone: BIG BURNERS            
  • Rear (Left) Zone: MEDIUM BURNER       
  • Rear(Right) Zone: SMALL BURNER          
  • Medium (Center) Zone: 1 HOTPLATE     
  • Medium (Center) Zone Power: 1500W HOTPLATE           
  • Pan Support Material: MATT ENAMELED (Fingers)          
  • Pan Support Color: BLACK           
  • Cap Material: MATT ENAMELED               
  • Cap Color: BLACK            
Gas Oven
  • No. of Oven Wire Racks: 1          
  • Oven Grill Burner: Yes  
  • Oven Baking Burner: 2 BURNERS IN OVEN           
  • Number Of Trays: 1 ENAMELED TRAY     
  • Oven Cavity Insulation: WHITE INSULATION      
  • Chicken Rotisserie: YES CHROME COATED Double           
  • Lamp (Gas Oven): YES 15W         
  • Oven Control (Gas Oven): DOUBLE KNOB CONTR            
  • Ladder Wire Racks For The Cavity: Yes  
Convenience Feature
  • Adjustable Feet: ADJUSTABLE  
  • Clean Inner Door: EASY CLEAN  
  • Detachable Cavity Door: DETACHABLE  
Styling and Color
  • Oven Door Type: DOUBLE GLASS, Tempered Glass 4mm              
  • Door Panel: ENAMELED               
  • Cooktop Surface: STAINLESS STEEL; 304 Grade
  • Oven Tray: ENAMELED
  • Dish warmer: CLOSED DISHWARMER
Packaging & Prices
  • Net Dimension (WXDXH) Mm: 90x60x85
  • Gross Dimension (WXDXH): Mm              680x970x237
Electrical Oven
  • Oven Control (Elec. Oven):  NA
  • Temperature Control (Elec. Oven):  NA
  • Oven Door (Elec. Oven): Standard Black Oven Door Double Glass
  • Lamp (Elec. Oven):  YES 15W
  • Number Of Trays And Grids: 1 ENAMELED TRAY
Oven Safety
  • Timer (Oven Safety):  YES
  • Model Number: TEC CKR STD D MADAME 904G1E OG-9841 INX
  • Spec: 90×60 4 GAS 1 HOTPLATE
  • Top Burner Type: POOL TYPE BURNERS
  • Ignition FOR OVEN: YES
  • Temperature Range °C (Gas Oven): 0-280
  • Electric Plug: BRITISH TYPE PLUG
  • Status: Available


Price in Nigeria

The Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker Price in Nigeria is ₦387,500

Where to buy Thermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker in Nigeria

You can buThermocool 90x60cm Oven/Grill Standing Gas Cooker on Jumia Nigeria.


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